Checking In!


After a brief hiatus from this blog (my Klein 2.0 blog), I was excited to see one other person is still using hers! (You really are a g33k!)

So, I’m supposed to be cleaning the house (you’d be surprised at how messy a house can get when two cats have the run of it for a month!) and instead I’m skimming the current group of professionals who are taking the Web 2.0 class. I like active web pages and I like seeing other people’s ideas. I also think I found the blog of our Library Media Specialist today. If I’m right, you should join Ning! It’s incredible!

I find that I’m having to skim down on my technology. Places that I visited frequently four years ago when I started 1:1 are obsolete for me these days. I don’t go to anymore; I go to Ning.

I came on here to post about my mailing list – You can set up a free mailin glist from Bravenet and have parents subscribe to it. You only get 500 subscribers for a free account, but you *could* pay if you wanted to. I’m just going to cull the herd each year. 500 is a LOT of people.

You also only get to send one e-mail a day, but really, do you need to send any more? I think a mass e-mail once a week is plenty. Do parents really want a daily e-mail of the class agenda each day?

I think there is also a limit to the number of characters that you can send, but really, this is perfect for me.

If you want to see what mine looks like, check out my web page. I’m warning you though, it all looks pretty rough. I’m in the revising process right now.


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