And the summer winds down…


I’ve been presenting the new ELAR curriculum projects to the secondary teachers in my district this week, and I have a few more sessions to go before I’m done. The first two sessions seemed to have gone over well. I’m basically going over a project-based lesson plan which can be adapted for their classroom use. Then I show them a few assignments that I have created and/or done in my classroom. I end it all with a few technology tips. Of course, I’ve promoted the Klein’s Web 2.0 class – I even saw a few people write it down, so hopefully A.R. will get some new learners soon.

I’m going to Austin tomorrow for the Texas Educator Exchange conference. I have no idea what it’s about (it’s free) because even though the agenda is up on the TEA webpage, there is no additional information. No break out sessions. No mission. Nothing. I hope it will be worth the drive and a hotel room.

I get my school laptop (new!) on Wednesday. I can’t wait. I haven’t had one all summer, and it’s really been impeding my progress. Hooray for productivity!


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