Things I Want to Do


1. Get Taylor Mali to come to Klein and present to the ELA teachers. Sigh. If I wasn’t already seen as a pariah in the district, this would certainly cement my status. 🙂

2. Go to more conferences. Lots and lots of conferences. I love conferences. I just wish there was more money for *teachers* to go to conferences. I have an ethical issue with non-teachers attending “teacher conferences” and then never sharing material with the teachers who actually wanted to go in the first place.

3. Put more effort into TAAE. I really enjoy being a part of this organization and I have really gotten great information from them as a whole, especially Scherry Scarborough and the Reese Education Center. If she wasn’t so far away, I’d *love* to work on her campus.

Questions to Ask Myself:
What was your high school mascot?
How much do you think you can bench press?
What was your greatest high school experience?
What education did you get?
Would you ever move to Scotland?


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