70% of the Time


My table was just told that when teachers give instructions for the first time, 7o% of the time, they give the wrong directions. I am going to assume that she means that that teachers give unclear directions the first time they give them orally without any other prompts or cues.

This bristled some neck hair at my table.

A teacher asked where she got that fact from, and she said her training manual. This didn’t go over well with my group.

I will fully agree with my edited statement. If I just give oral directions without a demonstration and without my written instructions, I’m sure I’d make lots of mistakes. But that’s not how I teach. I don’t just give oral directions. I pad it with written instructions, demonstrations, repetition, etc.

What do you think?

As a side note, just to prove that auditory is NOT one of my learning styles, I typed in the information as 74%, not 70%. Sigh.


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  1. She said that 70% of teachers give the wrong directions the first time and that is why we have to repeat ourselves all the time, because we confuse the kids.

    I find it difficult to value her “statistics” when all she can say is, “It’s in my training manual for this class”. No examples, no reason, no data. How can anyone say something so asinine and not even pause to question the flagrant lack of logic?

    I don’t even know why I bother to complain. The workshop is about implementing effective social skills, however the “70% Lemming” can’t speak more than two sentences without devaluing a workshop participant. If 70% of teachers give wrong directions the first time, then this planet is in a heap of trouble. Geezus… do you think the NEA/TEA knows about this? Is this why we really have TAKs?

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