Day Two


Well, I was going to blog about this class again like I did yesterday, but the filter has now blocked WordPress (among other pages that I use), even though we were promised that the only things that would be blocked were porn sites, gambling sites, and YouTube. I’m really disappointed. Blogging about my PD was a great way for me to internalize what I’m listening to and doing. I can disagree and develop my own ideas. It’s a way for me to talk without talking, without being loud and distracting others. Even now, S. is talking about intrinsic motivation with M., which is totally on topic, but still is pulling my attention away.

Even just writing in Word isn’t doing the same thing. I like being able to publish it immediately.  WordPress is now open after lunch, but I still can’t access “social networking” sites. Well, duh. This is how I network with other teachers.

Another site that I am battling over is It is categorized as adult and I do agree that there are lots of adult words on that site. However, how am I supposed to understand what my students are talking about. A few years ago, for whatever reason, I used the phrase “chicken head” in class. I had been using it for about a week when a student (from another teacher’s class) came up to me after class one day and whispered “Miss, do you know what that means?” Obviously, I didn’t. I’ll let you look that word up Today at the table, one teacher shared her story about how her students used “neck” as a negative word. As in, “that’s so neck” followed by giggles. We still don’t know what that word means.

One last pet peeve: don’t tell me that we are going to lunch and then say “Whoah! Sorry! One last thing!” and then hold me in for a few more minutes. You’ve lost me already. How many times have you accidentally released students early and then try to get them back into the classroom? Good luck.


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