Third day of school over. And I’m pooped. We had technology problems again today. All kids had to turn their computers on while connected to the intranet via a cord, rather than wirelessly. I have five ethernet plugs in my room. At least I have small classes. Then, it seemed like all it IT was parading around the campus today. I suppose it was a good thing, but they still treat us like idiots. Another teacher was talking to them about the incompatibility with our new laptops and old projectors. They can’t figure out how to adjust our screen settings so that our projectors will display full screen and not mess up the display on the computer. Right now, if you have the projector set on full screen, the computer monitor is too large and fuzzy. If you have the computer monitor readable (ie really small), the projector is wide screen. Wide screen isn’t always better. So anyway. This other teacher was complaining to the IT guy, and he proceeded to tell her all about how DVD’s have widescreen settings and that widescreen was a good thing. Talking to her like she was a moron. If you don’t know how to fix the settings, then say so. Don’t insult our intelligence.

Yes, I know where RAP is. Yes, I downloaded the new version of Flash. No, I didn’t do it incorrectly. iGoogle really doesn’t take up as much memory as you claim it does. They told me today just not to use iGoogle. They won’t tell me what the problem is, but I have a suspicion – they are just lazy people with associate degree from Tomball CC, if even that. I know plenty of people who could do the job just as well as (if not better) than our current IT staff. At one point today, I must have had at least 6 IT people in puzzling over my computer’s docking station today. For a problem that I never had up until today. I just don’t get it.

So tired. I’ve been working on new things for my 9th grade ELAR class. I have one kid who has taken this class four times already. That’s why I have to do new and creative projects because the traditional ones failed these kids for one reason or another.

Think I’m going to grab a bottle of water and court an early night in bed.


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