I’m at the end of the grading period at my school – PSAT tomorrow, TAKS next week, and finals next week.

I’m pooped.

Things haven’t been as crazy as last year losing all the time to the hurricane, but I feel like we’ve lost so much time to technology errors that I’m still behind this year! We finally had a meeting with ALL of the IT people at our school last week because we were having so many problems and IT wasn’t able ro replicate them. So you know what that means: operator error.

Yeah, right.

We’d fill out a help desk ticket and the ticket would go straight to our campus IT guy, who doesn’t have any real authority to do anything. When we would call in or have someone call in the complain for us, we’d get the pat answer: Impossible. That isn’t happening.

When they finally showed up on our campus to troubleshoot, they insulted the teachers and students. For instance, one girl couldn’t log in the computer network. IT accused her of forgetting her password. In October. When it’s been the same password she’s been using all year. One girl couldn’t login and IT told her that her fingernails were too long and she was mistyping her password. One girl was using Word and her computer kept shutting down her computer. She was accused of setting up a hot key that would automatically shut her computer down.

Personally, I’m too stupid to copy a few folders on the network drive. Friday, I helped a student move her documents from her desktop to her network drive so she wouldn’t lose anything. I moved them over for her, and everything was there on Friday. Monday when we came back, the folders were there but nothing else. And it was there Friday. But I can’t move a folder over.

So, we had a large meeting Friday were we all got to voice our concerns. My concern was that the IT offended the students to the point that they kids refused to go see them and refused to let us know if they had an issue with their computers.

Things seemed to be better here, but I’m not holding my breath.

I’m on the textbook review committee – so far we’ve only met once, but I’m looking forward to getting to know other teachers on other campuses and seeing what they think. I don’t have a favorite right now, but after my cursory glances, they all kind of look the same. No matter what, I don’t think that the textbook will change my classroom.

And on that note, I’m off for a walk with my husband and the cats. 🙂


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