So tonight, instead of working on my M.Ed. portfolio, grading, or getting my sub plans ready for Thursday, I’m twittering on #edchat.

I can’t keep up.

At least I hope I’ll be able to expand my Twitter contacts from tonight.

The only bad thing about being at a 1:1 school is that I work too much. Used to be, I’d leave school work at school. But now? It’s an all consuming hobby. Maybe this just means I have to get a *new* hobby.

Textbook committee Thursday, next week teaching curriculum projects to the last group of ELA teachers in the district, but the important thing is that I have EIGHT (8) MORE DAYS UNTIL THANKSGIVING! w00t!

I’m teaming up with the tech guy on campus to create promotional videos for the school to recruit new students. Granted, it’s a little late for it now, but at least we’ll have something for next year. We may be able to ge a few out in time for this year, but my students have a really hard time following deadlines. Take a look at my gradebook and see how many zeros I have!

I’ll be a fun, learning process. Glad to be with L. making this movie. I just have a hard time with the tech side of things sometimes – I know just enough to get myself into trouble. 🙂

For the record: I love TweetDeck – just wish I had it on campus.


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