End of Course


I *love* that we are supposed to be field testing the English I EOC test this May, and we still have no idea what is going to be on it. Namely, the essay. Compare contrast? Personal narrative? How to? I think we pretty much cover everything else in the TEKS, but I’d kind of like to know this little tidbit.

I’ve heard now that schools who are on a 9 week schedule can give the EOC tests at the end of the 9 week period and *not* at the traditional semester. That makes me happy. I also heard that the students can take the tests as many times as they need. Again, more happy.

But what happens when a student fails a test? Since it’s only worth 15%of their grade, can they fail the test and still pass the class? What’s this I heard that a student only needs to pass 9 out of the 11 (12?) EOC tests? How many EOC tests will there be? What happens when a student switches schools mid-year? What happens when a student is denied credit for a subject? I want to heard definitive answers.

I heard through the grapevine that they hired a new secondary ELA coordinator – from an elementary school. In most cases, I’d laugh it off as rumor, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all. I understand that having a middle school and high school coordinator is asking a bit much, but can we *please* get someone in there who at least is certified to teach high school? Is that asking too much? Maybe THAT is why we haven’t heard anything about the EOC, since it won’t affect elementary or middle school students?

The other subject areas know what is going on. Just not ELA. And today, TEA announced that the STARR test will replace the TAKS test for K-8 students. I wonder how much I’ll hear about that?

And on that note, I think I’ll save the rest of my snark for later.


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