We could send out a survey to members (KISD?) asking them which workshops they would be interested in attending. Free for members – small fee for non-members? I think a “small” fee would encourage people to attend and perhaps JOIN TSTA.

  • A Better Beginning :Helping New Teachers Survive & Thrive (emphasizes mentoring programs – surveys, contract language)
  • I Can Do It: exciting classroom management system that offers educators a systemic way to improve classroom management
  • Cooperative Discipline:  Provides educators with the skills necessary to create a positive, learning environment by providing appropriate intervention techniques for misbehavior and preventive measures that stop most misbehavior from occurring.
  • Diversity in the Classroom:  Students will benefit from discussing and learning about diversity issues when educators create a safe, cooperative learning environment in the classroom and the school.
  • Paraprofessionals & Teachers – Building a Winning Team (emphasizes personality differences, appreciating & valuing differences, conflict management, communication & listening skills (2 days)
  • Is Your School Healthy? (Emphasizes the “sick school syndrome,” (environmental illnesses) and what the association can do)
  • Staying in the classroom and Out of the Courtroom (emphasizes “how to decrease your legal liability in the classroom)
  • Defensive Teaching: Don’t Be a Target (emphasizes “tips for interacting with students,” using good judgment,” “maintaining classroom order,” “thinking before acting,” “how to avoid becoming the next target”)
  • The Texas Code of Ethics & You (emphasizes SBEC policies & procedures; provides the “code”; discussion regarding filing a complaint; timelines; questions & answers)
  • Chapter 37: Making Your School Safe (emphasizes actual language of the law; provides steps for the teacher relative to enacting chapter 37; forms & sample memos; how the law should work at the campus level)
  • Hey, Can “They” do That? (emphasizes the Education Code and how to “break” it; reviews important sections of the code; personnel files and the law; paying for lost textbooks)
  • Safe Schools

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