Edmodo/LMS/Techie Stuff


Anyone use Edmodo in the classroom? I’m worried that my students will be able to create teacher accounts and then create groups and use the computer to basically IM their friends all day.

I think the assignment feature is great – but since I use Angel LMS on campus, I don’t really need that feature, but it would be AWESOME for schools that’s aren’t at a 1:1 campus just yet in our district.

Blackboard bought Angel a few months ago, so I hope that means we’ll be getting more features in the future. Oh, wait. We already have lots of features – it’s just my district turns them all off.I can fully understand why we don’t want the students to IM all users, but why can’t staff have it? Why can’t students IM their teachers?

<snark> I’m very frustrated right now. I have all of these huge goals that just keep getting stopped by IT. And it’s not like I haven’t been patient – this is my fourth year waiting on IT to meet the needs of a 1:1 school. Let me clarify – to meet the needs of a teacher who actually uses current technology in the classroom. I’m trying to be nice, but I get cranky when I get told that “no one else has this problem” – that doesn’t always mean user error- maybe that means NO ONE ELSE IS USING THE PRODUCT TO GET THAT ERROR! </snark>

Until 4:00 today, the filter was blocking every single web page today. And people wonder why I don’t take my computer home!

Ok. End on a good note.

Goals this week:
1. Use PollEverywhere this week in both classes
2. Promote my mailing list for parents
3. Figure this edmodo thing out (is it blocked at school?)
4. When is Cricket going to get with the program and do SMS?


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